You don't need a website.
You need A

That is:


We build human-centric websites, where it feels like you're having a conversation with a warm living being.
One strong message at a time.

This means:

Your prospects will receive one powerful message.
The goal — to convey the value.

Your potential clients will not get confused and carried away in seconds from your website due to frustrating messages, calls to action, or UI.
Instead, we will get them intrigued in you.


In our websites, we use new approaches to communication between business and prospect.
Ones that are more personal, trustworthy, and warmer.

This helps to evoke a wow-factorbuild a powerful brand image in the eyes of the prospect ⇢ establish you as a top, premium vendor
that differs from the competitors
⇢ help to sell more, more effectively and at a bigger price point if that's within your business's strategy.

To achieve this, we use the latest and greatest technology. And brains.
Watch out for some examples in our portfolio below.


We aim to give our websites personalities.
Personalities, that reflect the brand image of the product or service.

We love implementing small easter eggs, humor, and quirks.
So it binds with each visitor on an emotional level.
They will never feel like they are on just one more website of just one more company with a dull, corporate appeal.

So How does
it work
and what do we do?


Do you want to sell a product or service? Get folks to download your app?
Subscribe to your SAAS? Contact you? Create a certain image of you/your brand?

#2 We build a message around your goal to communicate it at a very efficient conversion rate.

For this, we usually build a special, discrete website. Our team consists of folks with degrees and specialty
in psychology, design, economics, and other very solid sounding fields. What's great is, besides sounding reputable,
it also helps us to build messages on backbone principles of science.
We always learn and monitor the latest research in technology and science and experimenting,
then implementing the most promising and working ones.

#3 During our collaboration, we work on:

Your branding

Your website

Your copy

Digital content

custom video/illustrations/music, etc.

Creative ad campaigns.

Basically, the entire wrapper for your candy. Without artificial sweeteners.

Specific vector of work will depend on your goal. You may work with us, for example, only on your copy or content.
But sometimes, for some projects, we have a strong feeling that one thing from us wouldn't do a good job while
another factor is blocking it from succeeding. In this case, we'll suggest to fix that either with our help or by someone else.
Otherwise we may decline the offer to work on your product if we feel that we can't help.
Or if, in our opinion, your business doesn't generate enough value for its customers.
But we're always happy to share our feedback!

#4 The outcome?

White glove delivery of a final product that was designed specifically, exclusively for you.
To accelerate the achievement of your very specific business goal.
And we're ready to work on it further along the way with you, testing and tracking different growth theories.
To make it even better.

Our recent works include:

Concept for the new Instagram Brand exhibition platform.

- Fancy, minimalistic design. Fast load times;

- Copy, that first creates an intriguingly exciting "what if" scenario in the head of a prospect and then shows that it is actually possible. And that it is, actually, pretty exclusive and profitable. WIthout any fluff and water. Just real value.

- Special FX button on an effect where we put a lot of emphasis. Since after clicking on it, it reveals an extremely lucrative, inventive offer for phone manufacturers, we've added extra power to the button to create the right mood and expectation;

- Custom lottie explainer animation that very clearly explains the principles of the new app functionality;
instead of those old school Gif animations, that weigh a ton and are bad quality, we crafted the animation in a lottie format, technology that was invented in the Airbnb lab.

- To capture the leads, we've implemented a video contact form, where they can engage directly. Either by video, audio or text;

Personal website for an entrepreneur.

- Modern, sleek design. Fast load times;

- Personalized chatbot that invites visitors to subscribe to the blog updates. They can choose to be notified either by email, Whatsapp or Telegram. SMS notifications are possible too;
We've figured out, that giving a few more options works better than having just one, while most businesses just give an email by default.
By implementing messenger options, we're seeing more subscriptions through those channels. Especially among millenials and Gen Z folks.

- Instead of a boring, not personal contact form, we've implemented a video contact form. Visitors see a message from Serge and then have an option to reply either with video, audio or text. It works so much better than a textual contact form!;

- A blog with a comment system, indicator of the story progress read and chatbot for converting random visitors into avid readers;

- Drama button: funny button on the "about me" page, where the entrepreneur shares his biography. When turned on, it plays dramatical classical music.

And more! Personal social feeds (instagram, twitter), website search function, custom cursor with 2 states, smooth transition animations, smooth page scrolling. And of course, the website works great on any device: phones, tablets, laptops, PCs. Even on some potatoes!

Memories... all alone in the moonlight... *cough* Sorry. Check out some of our reviews.

Franco Grech

CEO at Shortletsmalta Ltd - one of Malta’s foremost developers of luxury, residential apartments, homes and properties.

As the CEO and Marketing Director of and, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to attract the attention of holidaymakers coming to Malta.

The rise of social media offered us new possibilities as to how we can engage with holidaymakers, however it also posed our biggest challenge, as with so much content being published everyday, how do you get your message across.

When we met Serge from Outstandly, our initial brief was about the production of a video highlighting our new Villas, however the end result was much better.

Outstandly, through their work, showed as that to get noticed in the digital world, you simply have to be a better story teller. And they did just that, instead of filming the Villas Outstandly created a story, the focus was on the story, the Villas were the background of the story.

When we launched the video on social media, the results were incredible, we noticed an all-time high level of engagement, and conversions were at all time high and most importantly the video was being shared organically. We will of course use the services of Outstandly again, and I highly recommend their services to anyone wishing to tell their story....

We love learning about different products and businesses.
If you'd like to figure out whether we can help, or even if you just feel lonely in these postapocalyptic Covid-19 times — feel free to get in touch below.

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